Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My Very Own Kitchenaid

I have a new kitchen gadget! It’s the Kitchenaid Artisan. My Ate Fiona said that I’m so “mababaw” (shallow) because when I shared with her this news, I told her that one of my “ambitions” have been reached. It’s an ambition because I never thought I’d be able to afford one. Well, at least willingly spend for one. I have two mixers right now but my heart has been yearning for a Kitchenaid.

Thanks to my soon-to-be former coworker and friend Aylwin and his lovely wife Ching, they gave me a really good discount. The unit is used but only five times since it was bought. The Cue couple are migrating to the US so they sold most of their stuff. I think it was Divine Intervention that this gadget was offered to me. They had two kitchen items left – the oven and the mixer. Wanted to buy both but budget does not permit. Besides, I can still work on my very old Elba.

Since I brought this home last Friday, I’ve baked four recipes already! The first three I was not able to take pictures anymore because there was not chance. As in, wiped out by my boys.

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Anonymous said...

grabe, ako din, i've always wanted a kitchenaid, pero food processor. kasi less ako on baking and more on general cooking. ang mahal naman kasi niyan eh, kahit dito mahal din! maghihintay ka pa ng After Thanksgiving Sale in order to get a sizeable discount!