Sunday, April 13, 2008

Gotohan sa Barangay

When in Batangas must try Gotohan sa Barangay.

We spotted the place on our way to La Laz that's why we made it part of the plan to try it out on our way back home. So lunch we had.

I thought that the goto that was on the menu was the typical goto - porridge with beef innards. Beef innards – that was just it. It was no surprise that everything in the menu was beef – meat, innards, skin and whatnot – being in Batangas. Practically every part of a cow is used and cooked.

If you’re into exotic and just like us – eat what the locals eat to really experience the place – then this is a must-try place.

Gotohan sa Barangay (043-3122616) is a vegan’s hell and a carni’s paradise.

Braised Litid


Deep Fried Bituka