Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Baking Again

I'm reviving my love affair with baking. Starting with cupcakes. Getting a bit bolder though - trying out cake decorating.

I only bake cookies, pies and bars because most do not need frosting or icing. I have always been intimidated with decorating. Although I never tried, I believed I couldn't do it.

Thanks to Olga Logronio of Cupcakes by Olga for offering her cupcake baking and decorating class. It was enough for me to at least try cupcake decorating. I'm no professional yet but practice makes perfect. At least I'm heating the oven again.

Today's batch is Dark Chocolate Cupcakes. Will post the recipe soon.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mabuhay ang Arroz Caldo!

Number one in my list of comfort foods - arroz caldo.

When traveling, I always look forward to Mabuhay Lounge's Arroz Caldo. Yummmmmm! One reason why I only fly Philippine Airlines. I was told that it's Kapitan's (the Lucio Tan) personal favorite as well.

It has chunks of chicken, topped with chopped salted egg, fried garlic and crispy dilis. Then a drizzle of patis and calamansi. Panalo!

I don't really care anymore what will be served in the plane. By the time we board, I'd be so full and sleepy.