Sunday, October 14, 2007

New Members of the Family

Our co-owned American Bulldog, Asia, finally gave birth to two healthy and big puppies - one male and one female.

Since they were born October 7, when Manny Pacquiao won over Marco Antonio Barrera, we're toying with the idea of naming the male Pacquiao. Aside from the date, the male pup also has a spot on his left eye that looks like a black-eye.

The female we're not yet naming. She'll be going to our friend Redd, who's the co-owner of Asia. We're deferring the name because we might get to attached to her. It would be painful to turn her over when the time comes.

Here are some pictures taken just this morning. Enjoy viewing!

Male is the one with the spot on the left eye. Female is all white.

My boys with the pups and the poodles.

Myself with Irvin and the puppies.

Asia nursing her pups. This was taken they day she whelped.