Sunday, November 4, 2007

My Other Herbs

Some of the herbs and edible plants I forgot to mention the last time.

Thai Chili Pepper - said to be a level 8 or 9 (10 the highest) in terms of spiciness among all the peppers.

Siling Baha - this kind is not the spicy type. In our province, Bayombong, we would grill this type of pepper then dip it in bagoong isda with calamansi. Another way of cooking it is "ginugulay" or treated like a vegetable.

Calamansi - we just have to have our own calamansi plant. My kids love soy sauce with calamansi with all their dishes.

Fennel - Irvin says it smells like rootbeer

Dill - still have to know what to do with this. My friend Rochelle said I just have to plant one so I did.

Flat Leaf Parseley



Marjoram seedlings

Daddy and Mommy sent some new seeds from the US. I'm excited with the habaneros! I hope we can successfully grow them.

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