Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Sunshine of Counting Sheep

I have the privilege of owning a coffee painting of Sunshine Plata. What makes this painting extra especial is Sunshine did it for me. What makes it UBER especial is it came at the right time - I needed it.

Some blogs ago, I wrote something about Counting Sheep. Counting sheep was the only natural way I could doze off. It was a very stressful time - personal and professional. There were so many things going on and it was so hard for me to cope. The hardest part was I kept everything bottled up. I was suffering already and I just didn't want the people around me to know, to be worried. My mind couldn't rest. I was thinking all the time, trying to figure out how to fix everything, how to make things work, how not to mess up. I would lie in bed 10pm and still be awake by 2am. In the morning when I woke, it was like I never slept.

When the painting was finally delivered to me, there was a rush of emotions. I felt so happy and relieved. I felt peace. I was so emotional I started crying in front of Sunshine's brother - it was embarrassing! Sunshine's painting was like an outlet. Although I didn't create it, seeing how beautiful it was unloaded me the emotional baggage I had at that time. Literally, the timing was also perfect. It was delivered on June 27, the day I held one of my biggest projects.

This painting will always remind me that out of struggles and sufferings can come out something beautiful and peaceful.

Thanks, Sunshine.

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Anonymous said...

ganda ng painting, ate! so simple yet so adorable! painting aside though, i hope you're ok.