Sunday, December 2, 2007

Our Pebbles Is Now A Bitch

Bitch - that's mommy for dogs... for those who do not know.

Pebbles, our toy poodle, gave birth to three female pups yesterday!

It was the second time for me to witness a dog giving birth. The first time was almost 20 years ago when my dog Maggie (an aspin, as in Asong Pinoy) gave birth to one pup. I remember Maggie woke me up and I had to assist her gave birth on my bed. Yes, she gave birth on my bed. Maggie and Skinner (her pup) have both gone to the Rainbow Bridge years ago.

Going back to Pebbles. Erwin had just brought her to the Vet yesterday morning for her prenatal checkup. The Vet said Pebbles could give birth anytime already. True to her words, anytime was just a few hours after. When we noticed something was protruding from her behind, I panicked! Erwin was not around so I had to rush Pebbles to the vet. When I got there, as I laid her on the operating table, out came the first pup. In just 45 minutes, Pebbles gave birth to three pups. The third was the biggest. That was the only time the Vet had to help her out. The Vet practically pulled out the pup.

Pebbles is such a caring mom. Licks her pups clean all the time. One time dog food spilled on her mat and she cleaned it immediately. She's overly protective though. She doesn't like the sire, Peanut, near her pups.

The Pups. Erwin suggested to name the three after the lead actresses of Charlie's Angels - Lucy, Drew and Cameron. Why not?

Irvin with Peanut (left) and Pebbles (right).

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