Monday, June 18, 2007

My Best and Favorite Net-ferences

Most of my work-related researches are for dining. No, I’m not connected to the food industry I just love to try new dining spots. I say it’s work-related because most of our meetings are held during lunchtime. We call it “working lunch” so it would sound more professional. Fortunately, people I work with, coworkers and associates, have the same interest. It has always been my task to be on the lookout for the next working lunch venue.

I am so thankful to these two sites. One’s a blog and the other a forum. They’ve been very helpful in carrying out my task in search for the next luncheon meeting venue.

Our Awesome Planet

I discovered Anton’s blog when I was looking for a resort in the south. It was love at first site – Anton’s blog, that is. Anton has a list of recommended restaurants all over Manila and out of town. He also includes contact details such as phone numbers, URLs, and addresses. Check out the Best of Our Awesome Planet for his best lists.

Girl Talk of the Female Network

This forum it has topics on food, travel and gimmicks. Girltalkers (members of the forum) post their recommendations and feedbacks. What I love about this forum is that their topics are well organized. Posts are categorized by area making it easier to search for good dining spots.

At this point, I only wish and pray that I can come up with my own directory of dining places I have personally tried and can recommend.

I’ll try.

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