Monday, June 18, 2007

Getting on the "blog-wagon"

My First!

For the past 3-4 years now, I’ve been very depended on the Net – for research, entertainment, and what-have-you. Whether it be work related, homework related (for my two boys – eldest is incoming 3rd year, and youngest is incoming 1st grader), or out of curiosity or boredom. I still love going through books, reading the morning paper but this is now leisure because who has time to do this? I wish I had. My heart I’m still old school though – printouts and hard bounds. Then again, softcopies are more accessible and readily available. They’re cheaper too.

My Passions
The Net has been the greatest help for me to be able to sustain two of my passions – travel and food. Now, the third one too, which is writing. My husband has been badgering me to start my own blog just so I could still write. Maybe he thinks this would be an effective and productive outlet for me. Having been in the banking industry for almost 10 years, my writing skills have been limited to business letters, proposals, inter-office communications/memos and concept papers. At least I still have use of my Journalism degree, I’d always say sarcastically and somehow gratefully.

So why a late bloomer is blogging for someone who’s suppose to be a skilled and educated (to be a) writer? A lot of reasons – insecurity, lack of time and laziness, are some of the reasons I can think of now. Insecurity – I don’t know if I still have “IT”, the skill and the talent. I feel it in my heart but… can I still really do it? There’s no other way to know but to try, right? Lack of time – aside from being a corporate slave, my family comes first. The little time I am able to spare I’d rather give and spend with them. As I write this, guilt is starting to creep – why am I in front of my laptop when I can be with them instead? Like any other weekend, I’m the one who cooks all the meals, which my husband and kids always look forward to. For lunch today, the liempo is currently being boiled to soften. Then it’s ready for the final stage to fully transform into lechon kawali. So I have a few minutes to spare and write this. Now we go to laziness. If I’m not cooking or playing with my sons, I’d rather be watching a movie or TV series on DVD or lie in bed. And when I start a new TV series, there’s no turning the TV off. So now, I’ve gathered enough willpower to start my own blog.

Food, Travel and Blogs
I think I should be able to use these three passions together. This is not unique or new at all. One thing I should have mentioned earlier is that my inspiration to do blogging is another blog. I got hooked to Our Awesome Planet. Ever since I stumbled upon his site, not a single day passes by that I do not visit it. If I will pursue this blogging thing, (I wish) it would be something like his. Well, I’ll try to be different, not totally just a copycat, of course.

Start of a Journey and a Journal
This is a new adventure for me all together – rediscovering my writing skills and pursuing my love for travel and food. I’m really excited! If there’s someone I don’t want to disappoint with this new venture is myself. I pray that I’ll be able to sustain this endeavor.

Wish me luck!


fionski said...

Welcome to the world of blogging sister! You will meet a lot of people and learn a lot of things from the blogging world.
Have fun!

Teka bakit maireviola ang URL mo pero ang signature mo keidee?

maire viola said...


As of yesterday, I was not decided yet whether to use by very old pen-name or my real time. On my way to work I realized that I should just use my real name.

Thanks for viewing!