Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Friendships 2012 and Beyond

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2012 was a year of extremes. Extreme losses and extreme blessings.

The year started with a promotion. Then followed by five awards. Major challenges also prompted significant changes with family, immediate and otherwise. Relationships tested - some endured, some fell apart.

As I was to embark another journey in my career, someone very dear, a friend and mentor passed. It was a big blow emotionally; I felt lost. Shook me to my core. Admittedly, I am still coping. No one will be ever ready for death. When it's someone close, it's hard to put meaning to it. It's never easy having to give up or end friendships, what more losing one permanently.

Despite the lowest lows, I have been blessed with overwhelming friendships - old ones, renewed ones and a lot of new ones. Aside from my family, I have my friends to thank for being my anchor, strength and inspiration in more ways I can imagine. I would not have survived this year without their compassion, sincerity, generosity and love. During the time I felt alone, they kept me company. When I was sad, they did not only make me laugh, they made me happy. When I was at the brink of not believing in myself, they reminded me passionately and patiently of my worth. When I was taking myself too seriously, they drove me crazy and let me be crazy without any judgement or ridicule. 
2012 was also a year of abundance. The blessings were overwhelming. For sure, this is only the start of more to come. 2012 is extra meaningful because I discovered and experienced the power of positivity, creative thinking, giving more to have more. It changed my life tremendously, and I'm happy to have shared this with friends as well. These blessings came from friends, enabled by friends, shared with friends and celebrated and enjoyed with friends.
This year was definitely a year of friendship. And I pray that these friendships last a lifetime, and beyond.

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Unknown said...

The value of friendship is intangible, immeasurable but one know's that true friends will always be there thru thick and thin. I am blessed to have you as my friend.