Sunday, July 15, 2007

Simple Joys - Irvin's 7th Birthday

It took time to post this because I was lost for words for the intro. I couldn't figure out how to start the story. I initially started with a parenting angle - how rewarding it is to a parent to see that you did something right as far as parenting is concerned. Then again, that would be just about me. At the last minute of posting this, I still had to change the introduction. No words can capture the experience and the emotions – literally.

What’s the story? Well, it happened April 27, 2007. Irvin, our youngest, celebrated his 7th birthday then. We originally planned to have a swimming party because Irvin loves water – may it be the beach or the pool, even the bathtub . Unfortunately, some things happened and funds got diverted and spent; to make the long story short – we couldn’t afford a swimming party. Irvin said it wasn’t important to have guests so long as we bring him and his Kuya Ren to a pool with slides. That’s not a problem here in Cavite – there are lots of resorts nearby.

The 27th was a Friday. I couldn’t take a leave but was allowed to go home early. The plan was to buy some food on the way home but the traffic was a killer. It was getting dark and the priority became to just reach home. Bahala na. There was a good local bakeshop in Imus, that’s where we decided to buy the cake – chocolate decadent. Irvin loves chocolates. He’s a sweet-tooth like his Papa.

We played a little trick on Irvin when we got home. Instead of the cake, I presented to him an enseymada (served in one of my meetings, didn't have time to eat my share). We told Irvin that we couldn’t afford to buy food because we didn’t have enough money. Irvin gave me a smile and a tight hug and just said “It’s ok, Mama. You know enseymada is my favorite. Is it ok if I don't share?” Of course, I said yes. We lit a candle, sang “Happy Birthday,” he blew the candle and he was happy. I was in tears seeing him so content.

Serious and intimate with his birthday wish

Happy with his wish and his "cake"

Enjoying his "birthday cake"

As Irvin was digging in his trick birthday cake, I went to the car and brought out the real one. He didn’t get it right away; he thought it was a gift. When we opened it, he was surprised that there was another cake. So we told him the enseymada was just a joke. He placed the enseymada aside but reiterated that he’d finish it later, he’ll just taste the "real" cake. We lit the candle and did the birthday song all over again. He was happier.

The next day, we went to Watercamp – a pool with slides, just as he wanted it.


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